Anonymous asked:

Curious to hear your perspective on being single. It seems like lesbians/bi girls are slim picking (to me anyways)! I often find myself wondering if I'm being too picky in my dating process, by not giving girls enough time before I act on that gut feeling that we aren't right for each other. I think relationship experience is important to grow, but also staying true to my own worth and not settling for someone who's not right. But then again, in early 20s is anyone likely to be "the one?" strugl

ellosteph answered:

I personally view pickiness as a positive. It is good to have those standards, because out of the billions of individuals in the world, there is most definitely someone who can meet them. It’s important to know though which standards are fair to you and a potential partner. There’s a difference between having the standards of wanting to be with someone who is a hard worker, has a sense of humor, takes risks, etc. vs. wanting to be with someone of a specific race, age, job occupation, etc.
Yes, experience is a plus if it helps us grow, but if you are with someone simply for the experience you will not truly get it. Also it isn’t very fair for an individual to simply be an experience for someone. “The one” can come at any age or time in your life. Stay neutral to it. Don’t look for it at a specific time or age, because it isn’t something you find, it is something that runs into you unexpectedly and finds you. Be patient love, it will come(: